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Norton History 1795 to 1910

Historical notes & Biography of Betty's Father, Grandfather, Great Great Grandfather, Great Great Great Grandfather

Earnest, Edward, James & James

Ernest Norton Biographical Notes 1862 - 1944

Biography of Betty's father and their homes

Betty Wilcox (nee Norton) Biography

A brief biography of Betty ("Muffy) and some notes on her siblings

Norton Family Trees

James Norton (Snr) & Jane Mackenzie through to Earnest Norton & Helena Hague-Smith

Norton Photos

Betty's Mother, Father & Siblings

Hague-Smith History 1853 - 1971

Historical notes for Betty's Grandfather

Hague-Smith Tree

From Samuel Smith through to Betty Norton

Trees and Histories as PDF's

Download and view in easier to read format -

Norton Tree

Hague-Smith Tree

Norton & Hague-Smith History

Historical Notes & Documents as PDF's

Norton History including James I & James II, Solicitors in NSW

Booklet, etc.

Hague-Smith History


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